Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Friends of Ivory Park,

together we can, is a good way of putting it!
WE CAN, this has been more than demonstrated!!

It was great to see, all of you, working together and building the classroom,
and if we consider where we started and what difficulties we had,
an amazing job has been done, CONGRATULATIONS to all of us!!!

and the good news is that through this workshop, we had the possibility to
define all details for the timber structure and we are able to
produce the final drawings for the building site!!

Giorgio and Lollo just finished to take some pictures
of the structure at Morion, and they will add them to our blog,

Chiara and Gaia have translated the presentation into italian,
for better communication with italian sponsors (please send soon!!!)

Annika has translated the documents for medical info and
the liability document which I will send out to everybody soon!

so, in this way everybody is more than busy in trying to get more money
and help to make the project happen as planned!!

best regards and speak to you all soon,


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