Sunday, September 28, 2008

the project

The classrooms are designed in a way that they generate a playground, open and intimate towards the inside and with the vertical closure towards the outside giving security for the entire complex of classrooms. The setting of the buildings is defined by an orientation that enables protection against the hot summer sun, and gets the much lower sun rays during winter for passive heating. The entire building is designed to respond to sustainable criteria, such as local building materials, used in an efficient way, using natural heating and cooling for an ideal climate in summer and winter without additional requirements. The structure of the buildings is an innovative timber frame, enabling high flexibility for the layout of the buildings. The facades of the classrooms can be realised in a series of materials in order to respond to the possibilities and availability of materials in the township.

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architectintraining said...

hullo all,

met some of you in venice...just a reminder, exposed softwood in the gauteng area will last only 2 or 3 years. please consider alternatives for the exposed outside wooden posts!

good luck with the project,

Hannah le Roux