Sunday, September 28, 2008

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The Kanana (paradise!) primary school (founded 2001) is situated in ivory park a region in the north west of johannesburg. The region is marked by 50% of unemployment and about 70% live under the povertyline. The govermental school is surrounded by a typical residential township area aswell as informal living and serves a number of 2 368 learners from kindergarten to 7th grade. As newly implemented in the compulsory schoolprogram grade 0 known as grade R, a lot of schools lack of the infrastructure and classrooms to comply this.

The existing school infrastrcture offers 61 teachers, 43 classes including prefabricated huts, which will be upgraded by shanduka and a big sport ground.

The school needs an extension of 5 classrooms and a service block with kitchen and toilets which will be placed inside the school next to the existing buildings on municipal land.

With the recommandation of our partner Education Africa and the local Adopt a School Foundation we are asked to design and build these new grade R classrooms to provide space for about 80 to 100 kids at the age of 6 years in the outset stage of their educational career.

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